Music & Me

2007.12.5 release
Index Music Corp. NECX-30011
Sony BMG Music Entertainment Korea SB70260C

BE THE VOICE独自の解釈で、自身の愛するPOPSをアコースティックにカバー。

1. Never gonna give you up
2. I always love you
3. Diggin' on you
4. Video killed the radio star
5. Ribbon in the sky
6. Virtual insanity
7. Don't worry be happy
8. Here there and every where
9. Californication
10. Falling (Originally titled as Twin Peaks theme)
11. Jingle bells
12. Take on me

Guest Musicians
おおはた雄一 Yuichi Ohata (Weissenborn)
熊坂義人 Yoshito Kumasaka (Bass)
ヤマカミヒトミ Hitomi Yamakami (Flute, Sax)
フケトシオ Toshio FK (Percussions)
アンドウケンジロウ Kenji-Low Andow (Sax) from Cassette Con-Los
南條レオ Leo Nanjo (Bass, Percussions) from KINGDOM☆AFROCKS / CENTRAL
スミレディSmilady (Rhodes Piano) from KINGDOM☆AFROCKS

Cover illustrations by Kayo Sato